Sears Womens Coat Autumn Catalogue August 2014

First week of August was the beginning for the fall season in Canada with Sears catalogues. Actually we also got a nice range in July Sears womens coatsand even in the beginning of the year. These mentioned catalogues and the price and product ranges exhibited on them were stated they are valid until 2015. For a long time period customers of Sears are able to reach all the products not limited to stocks. Classy selection, beautiful designs, modernist and classical understanding at the same time and lowest prices in market are easily found at Sears stores. It is also very simple to browse and look for the product desired with these retailer’s catalogues.


The range introduced by the Sears catalogues are now available. You can reach the women’s coats range on pg; 80 exhibiting faux-wool coat priced at $139.99 which will save $60 of your budget.
* Coat with oversized collar, $139.99
* Jessica animal print coat, $169.99
Picture depicts it in with its best form and combination with leather gloves perfectly keeping your hands warm and looking classy.
* Faux wool coat with shawl collar, $149.99
More solid look than other colors but this fashion of design prepares a loose type of wear with respect to your whole clothings considering your boots and accessories.
* Jessica faux fur swing coat, $109.99
If you are looking fitter one than shawl collar I would recommend this offer. Its price is also preferable. On the other hand you will save $50 with the deal. Only covers top and very suitable to wear jeans with it.
Keep following reviews and leaving comments and we will keep on talking about price and products of Sears

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Sears Womens Coat Autumn Catalogue August 2014
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