Sears Wish Book Women's Fashions

About Catalogue

Sears Wish Book womens fashion focused on fall-winter dresses and casual wearings was specially prepared for this Christmas.

You can reach a huge product range designed for customers who desire to get the best browsing and price range is optimized for average budgets.

Especially category of women's dresses seem very classy and helpful for you to discover the best.

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This is what classy ladies prefer to wear in special days.

Please check the catalogue beginning from first page until pg; 22 where casual wears like jeans and t-shirts are present.

It is also another convenience for visitors of this catalogue.


If you are really looking for special dresses to wear in Christmas' Eve this exhibition can be your ideal solution to get original options.

To learn about the details of the selections present on these pages go to the main page and click on the image of the featured catalogue of Sears.

Jessica, which appears to be one of the leading brands in this category offering:

  • Sparkly trapeze dress, $109.99
  • On inner and outer surface polyester georgette shining with black color. Available in various sizes. Check pg; 1 for more details.
  • Tradition chiffon overlay dress, $79.99
  • Loose ends through knees and beginning from belly it starts to fit in front of your knees. Perfect price for classy dress.
  • Jessica Gathered dress, $59.99
  • Available in various colors. one of the classical options for ladies for special nights. You'll save $10 until Jan. 18 2015.
  • Jessica Sparkly shoulders dress, $59.99
  • One of my favorite semi fitted with loose ends in fron of knees. Perfect fabric for this design. Fashion of old school but still is a trend.
  • Tradition asymmetrical plissé dress, $69.99

You can prefer it if you are likely to spoil your body a little. Price is relatively lower than other dresses with amazing view.

Sears Wish Book Women's Fashions
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