Sears Fragrance Range September 2014

About Catalogue

Sears has published a nice fragrance range recently and it is full of offers of classy scents for everyone.

You can find your signature on this range perhaps or if you are in search for a beautiful gift for Christmas it will be also good idea to check out the range.

Sears is like an expert to provide and exhibit the fashionable and stylish accessories from various ranges.

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This is one of the catalogues that define what Sears can really do for the customers.

On the other hand the entire catalogue is actually part of the Wishbook we previously mentioned and reviewed on another post you can find on the main page.


This catalogue cannot be mentioned as just an exhibition of fragrance products for women.

When you take it totally you will see the products like make up sets, cosmetics and accessories like rings on pg; 9-10.

Very helpful advises by Sears will gian you a lot of ideas for gifts.

  • Nina Ricci L'Air Du temps set for women, $96
  • Perfect gift for the lover.
  • Check out the appearance of the product on pg; 5.
  • White Diamonds holiday set, $86

See the product on the same page of the first product.

Holiday sets are produced for short term use but it will be worth to try.

  • Calvin Klein Euphoria holiday 2014, set for women, $120
  • Normally this is retailed at price of $169 and this will save your money by $49.
  • Very profitable purchase at Sears.

Sears Fragrance Range September 2014
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